It all started following a stay in France to undertake studies on the impact of lipid droplets on autophagy in intestinal cells. I was far from imagining that in this very small Parisian apartment, where the bathroom and the kitchen were in common, I was going to discover coffee .

              Coffee accompanied me day and night. I quietly discovered its diversity, but above all the pleasure of tasting countless varieties, whether upon waking up, during long nights studying or simply the day after drunken evenings. However, it was thanks to an iconic lever espresso machine that I was able to appreciate all the splendor of the coffee. I fell in love with the richness of the aromas and the diversity of the coffee linked to each terroir. It was then that my great journey began: the search for the best coffee( Marc-Alexandre the coffee hunter ) !

                The return to Canada allowed me to develop mytalent in roasting. Armed with a 1970s popcorn popper, a wooden chopstick, and several varieties of green coffee beans, I was on the hunt for the best cup of coffee possible. After a lot of fun, a few episodes of discouragement, lots of coffee beans all over my apartment but above all a lot of hard work, I finally arrived at an interesting result.

                The beginning of the adventure 94 Celcius Micro-Roaster has no specific date. It is an idea that germinated over various trips around the globe. A Wednesday evening in February 2017 , the click came. Sitting on the terrace of a splendid café in Medellín, Colombia, I thought to myself: if I could contribute to the comfort and emancipation of people more than 6000 kilometers from my home

                Despite my many years of working in science and studying the mechanisms of the human body, I did not see any concrete change around me. The idea of building 94 Celcius is therefore to encourage small coffee producers and make a concrete change in their everyday lives.

               94 Celcius wishes to discover the history of each coffee-producing region, but above all to discover the passionate people who cultivate this much appreciated fruit. Without these producers relentless in wanting to promote their coffee culture, I would not be here to tell you my little story. I invite you on a great adventure around the globe to discover the complexity of coffee, but above all the incredible community that is close to it.

                What if a new adventure started today Where would you start? ?


Medellin Micro Torréfacteur de café 94 Celcius


October 06, 2017 — Marc-Alexandre Emond-Boisjoly

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