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After many hours of work to start my business, and especially multiple espressos (6 exactly in 2 hours), the stage of the business name arrived. I wanted something precise, short and above all in direct line with roasting. What could be better than 94 Celcius (THE ideal filter coffee infusion temperature).

Having the perfection, rigor and accuracy of my product at heart, I undertook to validate the spelling. But as you can see, an error escaped me. To defend myself, this spelling mistake is very common on the internet. Despite 6 pairs of eyes, this mistake was only pointed out after the corporate identity was completed.

At the time, I laughed until I couldn't stop, realizing that despite all the efforts and the double and sometimes even triple corrections, it had escaped us.

Upon reflection, there is no mistake in writing a name. We decided that this story was worth it, so 94 Celcius became our trademark. From now on Celsius will become Celcius*!

*In order to better appropriate this word, we have decided that the second “c” designates coffee:)

Espresso - 94 Celcius Coffee Roaster Montreal
October 07, 2017 — Marc-Alexandre Emond-Boisjoly

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