We bring you the best of the coffee world.

Rigueur par le torréfacteur 94 celcius


Never bitter and always right since 2017! Our artisan coffees are roasted with the same precision, roast after roast.

Éthique par 94 celcius torréfacteur de café


We choose our producers for their ethics and transparency and invest in long-term relationships.

Curiosité dans l'univers du café


We want to be the change in the coffee world. That's why we're constantly refining our methods and never stop exploring.

Exclusivité par 94 celcius torréfacteur de café


We select small productions and limited lots,

Club Expé



Follow the guide!
Go on a tasting expedition with our experts and discover a world of unique flavors.

By subscribing to the club, you will receive a monthly Expé box, including two bags of single-origin filter coffee selected monthly by our team from our most exclusive beans. A logbook to record your impressions even accompanies the first shipment. Exciting, right?

Our specialty coffees are roasted and shipped to your door on the 21st of each month. Each Expé box contains 2 x 300g bags of coffee beans. Subscription requests submitted before the 21st at 8:00 am will be processed in the current month. Subscriptions submitted after the 21st will be processed the following month.

Club Expé brings you the best of the coffee world.
Ethics - Rigor - Curiosity - Exclusivity
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Club Expé, but also


In addition to enjoying delicious coffees every month, a Club Expé membership offers you a multitude of benefits.

- Receive our most coveted coffees first.

- A personalized newsletter with promotions unique to our Club Expé members.

- Receive a tasting booklet with your subscription.

- Get free shipping on your subscription.

- A playlist of our songs that are playing at the workshop. Since you are part of the team too.

- Receive invitations to events with the 94 celcius team.

- Get unique promotions offered to Club Expé members

Club Expé café de spécialité 3ième vague

The month of February

Spotlight on Ecuador

Coffee number 1: La reserva
Region: Ecuador
Variety: Sidra
Altitude: 1600m
Process: Washed
Farm: La Reserva
Producer: Richard Granda and Marlon Quevedo

Coffee number 2 : Terrazas del Pisque
Region: Ecuador
Variety: Multiples
Altitude: 2200m
Process: Natural
Farm: Terrazas del Pisque
Producer: Arnaud Causse and Sebastien Garces

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When will I receive my Club Expé subscription?

Your subscription will be for 2 bags of 300g of coffee that will be delivered on the 21st of each month or the next business day. The payment of the subscription is done every 30 days at the time of the subscription.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

Yes, with our partner Recharge it is easy to cancel or pause your subscription. Just log in to your Recharge account to adjust it to your needs.