Le Cupping : Exploration et Évaluation du Café

Cupping: Exploring and evaluating coffee

Cupping: Coffee Exploration and Evaluation

Cupping is a tasting method used as a common language within the coffee community. As we'll see, it allows you to evaluate a series of coffees, but also to learn more about origins, processes and roasting, as well as to develop your palate. Let's take a look at this new approach to coffee.
February 18, 2024 — Marc-Alexandre Emond-Boisjoly
Boris long iced coffee

Boris long iced coffee

Let yourself be carried away by the unique flavors of our creation, Boris Long Iced Coffee, the perfect option to enchant your parties and delight the palates of your guests.

December 02, 2023 — Marc-Alexandre Emond-Boisjoly
Recipe with coffee

Coffee perfect

Recipe based on coffee.
December 10, 2020 — Marc-Alexandre Emond-Boisjoly
Le Coffee Geek.

The Coffee Geek.

Hello there, I introduce myself, the Coffee Geek . I am a barista by profession, an editor for Corsé magazine, a"YouTuber"and above all a"third wave"coffee enthusiast.

July 17, 2018 — Clean Themes Collaborator