Seasonal Mix - Mon beau fir



Fruit Jam x Chocolate Milk x Nuts

Immerse yourself in the magic of the holiday season with our brand new Mon Beau Sapin coffee.

This café will transport you directly to the warm atmosphere of the last days of December with the snowflakes on the ground, the house full of loved ones and the sparkling decorations.

 The sweet notes reminiscent of berry jam, the smoothness approaching chocolate milk and the nutty finish will remind you of the sweet mornings spent near the Christmas tree with your family.

Versatile, you will appreciate it both in espresso and filter coffee during your holiday brunches. This coffee is made with our Ethiopian from the Shakiso wash station and our Kenyan, heart of the summer hit, from the Tegu wash station.

  • 33% Kenya
    • Region: Nyeri
    • Variety: Batian, SL-34, Ruiru, SL-28
    • Altitude: 1800m
    • Washing station: Tegu
    • Producers: Small farms in the region

  • 67% Ethiopia
    •  Region: Oromia, West Guji
    •  Variety: 74110, 74518
    •  Altitude: 2100m
    • Car wash: Shakiso
    • Car Wash Owner: Abder Malik Keder
    • Producers: Small farms in the region