embodying change in the coffee world!

Every sip of 94 Celcius coffee reflects our values and vision

Our artisanal and rigorous approach allows us to work respectfully with our producers to express the nuances of their know-how in our roasting.
It's your turn to enjoy the difference!


Torréfacteur de café - Coffee roaster 94 celcius

Science or coffee

94 celcius was founded in 2017 by Marc-Alexandre. Simeon (the dog), his companion, only joined him in 2019!

Following graduate studies in biochemistry and pharmacology, Marc-Alexandre decided to make the jump into the world of coffee roasting. His love for flavors and food has been a passionate choice for the launch of his company.

We still find many aspects of his academic training in the company. 94 celcius has a huge concern for rigor and work ethics.

Probat torréfacteur de café du Québec

The rigor

Our coffees are roasted with the same rigor, roast after roast, with our rutilante Probat. We use temperature probes that help us profile our roasting curves. The profiling of our curves ensures uniformity between each of our roasts. You will find the same taste you love in every cup.

Micro-torréfacteur de café avec éthique au Québec


The selection of our coffees is the most crucial step in our opinion. Not only do we want to find a coffee that will make your taste buds dance, we also make sure to work with partners who have the same vision as us. We select our producers and importers for the importance they give to ethics and transparency. We regularly exchange with a multitude of producers and we ensure a perenniality in each of our purchases.

A know-how

Never bitter and always fair for 6 years! 94 celcius has been evolving in the effervescence of Montreal since 2017. We are constantly refining our knowledge and roasting. Like an artist we want to be at the top of our game with every cup.

Still curious?

You want to discover more about 94 celcius and its beginnings. Check out our blog, many articles are about the launch of the company.