Allo Simonne - Hazelnut, chocolate, coffee spread




Hello Simonne; Bronze Medal 2019 – International Chocolate Competition/International Chocolate Awards

Believe us, our coffee spread will quickly replace your morning espresso!

It's our Sunday spread! When one of us decides to get croissants, still warm, from the local bakery. Beware, this spread is highly addictive!

The idea of incorporating coffee into a dark chocolate spread stems from our meeting with Allo Simonne, an outstanding spread company from Montreal.

Some tests were carried out with 3 coffees of different origins, but it was the coffee from Honduras that won us over. The coffee is roasted with rigor and in order to develop all the aromas of the latter. A real joy! Another very important point that caught our attention, its coffee comes from exceptional small producers.

This coffee spread is literally an invitation to travel.


For espresso we recommend:

18 grams of coffee in the filter holder for 35 grams of liquid coffee in 25 seconds.