Blend (espresso) - Covalent



Dark chocolate x Almond x Brown sugar

We know that those who look alike flock together, but the best part is when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts! Guided by this idea, we have created Covalent, a proprietary blend that is a permanent addition to the 94 Celcius range.

A nod to the notion of covalence, a chemical bond resulting from the pooling of electrons from two atoms, this exclusive creation encourages the meeting of two producers in rotation over the seasons. Our goal (Re)create a wonderful synergy, always inspired by our responsible sourcing philosophy..

Sublime with its sweet-chocolatey profile and unparalleled smoothness, this blend designed for espressos and lattes always evokes the gourmet side of fudge. To be enjoyed without moderation!
  • 30% Peru
    • Region: Chota
    • Variety: Caturra, Typica
    • Farm: El Cipres
    • Altitude: 2050m
    • Producer: Mario Jesus

  • 70% Brazil
    • Region: Alta Mogiana
    • Variety : Yellow Bourbon
    • Farm: El Dorado
    • Altitude: 1120m
    • Producers: Laerce Franca Faleiros