Blend - Les audacieuses (espresso)



Orange x Praline x Cocoa

Les audacieuses is a coffee filled with determination and above all with self-transcendence. This seasonal blend is a tribute to all its women who use strategies and creativity to improve their condition and break into an international market. What ambition and strength of character they represent.

We have chosen two producers that we have greatly appreciated over the past year, Rosalba Cifuentes and Danielle Fonseca. The combination of the two offers us a sweet, round and comforting coffee.

For this more classic blend, we opted for a medium-dark roast. Don't worry, we still added the magic touch of 94 celcius and we left it with just enough modernity with its subtle aromas of oranges at the start of the mouth.

  • 50% Mexico
    • Region: Chiapas
    • Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra
    • Producers: Rosalba Cifuentes

  • 50% Brazil
    • Region: Sul de minas
    • Variety : Mundo Novo, Red Catuai
    • Producer: Danielle Fonseca and Laiz Figueiredo