Salvador - Los Pirineos (6 year special)



Vanilla x Pomegranate x Honey

Farm: Los Pirineos Region: El Salvador - Usulutan Variety: Konka (Ethiopia) Altitude: 1600m Process: Natural Producer: Diego Baraona

To celebrate our 6th anniversary, we have chosen a truly special coffee, in perfect harmony with the three values that have guided us from the start: rigor, ethics, and curiosity. Our coffee selection ticks all these boxes with excellence. Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with Diego Baraona from the Los Pirineos farm in El Salvador, and we were truly amazed by the quality of his coffee. We were eager to continue this valuable partnership with him. That's why, as soon as he announced auctions for his most prestigious lots, we immediately seized the opportunity, bringing back two exceptional lots from his farm. The one we present to you today is one of our favorite coffees of the year. It's as sweet as honey, as voluptuous as vanilla, with a well-balanced touch of pomegranate. The coffee is of the Konka variety, exclusively found in Ethiopia. It underwent a natural process of exemplary quality, leaving a clear cup with perfectly defined notes. We hope you'll take a moment to celebrate our 6th anniversary with us by savoring this exceptional coffee!

Located at an altitude of 1400 meters on the slopes of a solitary volcano, the Los Pirineos farm enjoys a unique microclimate combining sunny days and refreshing breezes, creating an environment conducive to all stages of coffee production, from processing to drying. This feature is particularly highlighted in the drying area, where raised beds are cleverly arranged between two peaks, forming a natural wind tunnel through which a constant breeze blows. Exposed to the sun for twelve hours each day, the beans benefit from the thermal regulation provided by the persistent wind, creating an optimal environment for producing Honey and Natural coffees.

In the heart of the Usulutan department in El Salvador, Diego Baraona, the fifth generation of coffee producers, operates on the Los Pirineos farm. Since 2020, Diego has taken over following his father's passing, making it a point of honor to preserve the tradition and legacy of his family, with 130 years of expertise in coffee cultivation. In addition to his passion for coffee farming, Diego has also received the outstanding distinction of 22 Cup of Excellence awards from El Salvador, a testament to his constant commitment to quality and excellence.

Beyond the constant pursuit of quality at Los Pirineos, Diego pays special attention to environmental and social responsibility. All the water used in coffee production and processing comes from collected rainwater. Bees are also present to produce honey and contribute to the local ecosystem in various ways. Employing around 60 people on the farm, Diego ensures that coffee pickers also participate in other projects on the farm throughout the year, thus ensuring stable and sustainable work. The coffee trees at Los Pirineos grow in the shade of trees planted by Diego's father, Gilberto, creating optimal growth conditions for coffee while providing additional space for local wildlife.

Within Los Pirineos, an impressive range of about 20 coffee varieties is in production, including Rume Sudan, SL-28, Batian, and Gesha. The essential Pacamara and Bourbon make up nearly 80% of the total farm volume. In addition to these varieties in production, the farm also houses its own coffee variety garden and a nursery with around 70 different varieties. This commitment to varieties was a deep passion of Diego's father, Gilberto, and is a passion that Diego is committed to perpetuating in the future of the farm, by continuing to cultivate and experiment.