Thirsty coffee



Peach x Guava x Hops

  • Farm: Granja Paraiso-92
  • Region: Valle del Cauca
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Altitude: 2100m
  • Process: The fruit is washed and sterilized by ultraviolet light before fermentation begins in anaerobic tanks, with inoculation with the lager P-06 yeast used in brewing. Followed by heat shock.
  • Producers: Wilton Benitez

    Discover our funky new summer product: Café de Soif!

    Inspired by thirst-quenching lagers, this exceptional coffee is fermented with P-06 lager yeast thanks to the talent of Wilton Benitez. The result? A coffee with a unique, refreshing character, perfect for a sunny day by the pool. Sip it and let yourself be transported into a relaxed and festive summer atmosphere. If it's hot, don't worry, it's excellent in ColdBrew.


    After hand-harvesting, the coffee cherries were sterilized and anaerobically fermented for 52 hours with a special strain of lager yeast, then dried for 46 hours. The resulting coffee is vibrant and bursting with sweet, candy-like fruity flavors, with peach notes reminiscent of the citra hops used in IPAs.

    We were seduced by the extraordinary sweetness of this coffee, which reveals clean flavors of candied peach and guava, balanced by unique floral notes. The complexity added by citra hops will appeal to beer lovers and the uninitiated alike.

    Wilton Benitez

    This coffee comes from the Cauca region of Colombia, produced by Wilton Benitez of Granja Paraíso 92, one of Colombia's most innovative coffee producers. With their microbiology laboratory, quality laboratory and processing plant, Granja Paraíso 92 uses carefully controlled processing techniques to create delicious, vibrant and unique coffees.

    Enjoy this summer with Le Café de Soif - a refreshing taste experience that redefines the way coffee is enjoyed.


For espresso we recommend:

18 grams of coffee in the filter holder for 35 grams of liquid coffee in 25 seconds.

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