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Instant coffee has long been considered a convenience solution, sacrificing quality and taste for the sake of practicality. However, with the emergence of specialty instant coffee, this perception is changing. In Montreal, 94 Celcius, a renowned artisanal roaster, is revolutionizing the world of instant coffee by offering exceptional products that combine convenience and refined flavors.

What is Specialty Instant Coffee?

Specialty instant coffee is made from carefully selected instant coffee beans of superior quality. Unlike traditional instant coffee, which often uses lower-quality instant coffee beans, specialty instant coffee focuses on the producers' origin, traceability, and expertise. The instant coffee beans are precisely roasted to reveal their unique aromas and then transformed into a soluble powder while preserving their distinctive character.

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Elevation: The Specialty Instant Coffee That Pushes Boundaries

With Elevation, their first line of specialty instant coffee, 94 Celcius offers a revolutionary product designed for adventure and authentic flavor enthusiasts. Thanks to a convenient and ethical format, Elevation allows you to savor an exceptional instant coffee wherever you are. The instant coffee beans come from two remarkable origins: Honduran Lindolfo Hernández Vásquez, with its freshly fruity notes from a honey process, and Ethiopian Sonkolle Kalato, with intense aromas obtained through a natural process.

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Instant coffee in Montreal takes on a new dimension thanks to the expertise of 94 Celcius. With their Elevation range, they redefine the standards of specialty instant coffee by offering instant coffee beans of exceptional quality, roasted with passion and know-how. Treat yourself to a unique tasting experience, wherever you are, and discover the true potential of instant coffee. With 94 Celcius, excellence is at your fingertips, in every cup of specialty instant coffee.

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