Cold coffees: giving another dimension to our coffees

published on June 10, 2024 — by Marc-Alexandre Emond-Boisjoly — 10 mins of reading —

Here is summer, its sometimes stifling heat, its afternoons by the swimming pool, its walks in the great outdoors,…

But in summer, we don't always want to drink hot coffee, or it is more practical to transport it cold for our daily expedition.

Today we present you different methods for preparing cold coffee, and we give you our suggestions from our summer menu.


Flash brew

Express coffee cooling
This method is, as its name suggests, very quick to obtain a magnificent cold coffee. The idea is to extract your coffee hot and pour it over ice. Thus, the flavors are “flashed”: the floral and fresh fruit side of the coffees will emerge to give a clear and light cup.
The advantage of this method (other than its speed) is that you can do it both with your espresso machine and with your favorite manual brewing method. Plus, you won't need to lengthen the coffee: just add ice and it will be ready to drink!
Le meilleur coldbrew recette


Espresso: simply pour your coffee over ice. You can then top it off with milk, water or a soft drink

Filter: in filter, we will make a hot infused semi-concentrate which will be cooled over ice cubes. You will need to adjust your usual recipe:

  • reduce the ratio slightly (go from 1:16 to 1:15 for example)
  • reduce the grind slightly (just 1 or 2 notches on your grinder will be enough)
  • infuse with ⅔ water and pour over ⅓ ice. For example, for a 500ml carafe, you will need to use approximately 330ml of hot water to pour over 170g of ice

Recommended coffees

For this method, all coffees can be used. Here are our little favorites:


  • Décaf El Vergel: you will obtain an ultra juicy and very citrusy coffee, perfect for watching the children by the pool
  • The Victoria: this little gem will give you a very sweet cup like a little dessert


  • Thirst Coffee: is it a beer or a coffee? This coffee will give you the pleasure of both worlds: a fresh and fruity cup, with slightly cereal
  • The Tassés: flash brew will allow you to reveal all the tropical fruit potential of this coffee
  • The Victoria: filter infusion will reveal the floral side of this classic coffee

Cold Brew

Slow Cold Brew

Cold brew, unlike flash brew, requires patience. This method is an infusion by immersion for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator. It will give you an intense coffee concentrate, which will exacerbate its notes of cooked fruit, chocolate and sugar.

The advantage of this method: you will have a great yield, the concentrate will keep for almost a week, and everyone will be able to adjust their cup by lengthening more or less, with water, milk or soda.

Unfortunately, not all coffees do well with cold brew. It is advisable to use medium roast coffees and to avoid fermented coffees because this slow infusion risks enhancing the fermented side of this type of coffee.


  • Equipment: French press coffee maker, pitcher with an infuser (special cold brew or not), closed container with a fabric filter (cheese cloth style)
  • Grind: as coarse as possible
  • Ratio: we recommend 1/8 (for example 125g of coffee for 1L of water) which will allow you to lengthen your coffee with the same volume of water or milk
  • The method is as simple as possible: add the grains to your carafe/container, add water, mix and leave to infuse in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. It is possible to do a hot pre-infusion (with 2x the weight of the coffee) to help start the infusion.

Recommended coffees

For this method, we recommend our coffees with a medium roast and not too funky:

  • Décaf Elias and Shady Bayter: This classic coffee will give you a very chocolaty and caffeine-free cup! It will be perfect served with milk to accompany the children's snack.
  • Supernova: our blend for the dark filter will be made with Les Tassés for the summer, the cold brew will reveal the fruity and chocolatey side of this revalued coffee.
  • The Tassés: cold brew is perfect for this coffee. The advantage of using a good quantity of coffee will allow you to obtain a homogeneous, very juicy cup. Wash it down with a lime soda and you'll be close to drinking tropical fruit lemonade.
  • La Victoria: in cold brew, this classic coffee will give you a very sweet cup that will pair perfectly with lemonade or give you a gourmet dessert in a floater version with chocolate ice cream
Le meilleur latté glacé recette

Slow drip

Cold Drip Brew

Slow drip is another method for creating coffee concentrate. This method is a clever mix between flash brew and cold brew, but requires additional equipment. Drip infusion allows you to extract the sweet side of coffees, enhancing its fruit without overly accentuating the fermentation side.

The advantage of this method is its speed (around 1 hour) and ease of use. It is also a fairly permissive method: even if the grind is not well adjusted, the cup result will always be excellent.


This method is as simple and quick to set up as cold brew, but you won't need to make room in your refrigerator:

  • Use a ratio of 1/12 (as for a French press), i.e. 50g of coffee for 600ml of water
  • Grind the coffee a little coarser than for a filter (between the v60 and the French press)
  • Pre-wet the coffee and place the small filter on top
  • Place the drip tip and reservoir back on top and add room temperature water
  • Once finished, you can lengthen the coffee to your liking

Recommended coffees

For this method, we recommend light to medium roast coffees so that their aromas can develop slowly:

  • Décaf El Vergel: our fruity summer coffee will be perfect with this method. You can enjoy an intense citrus coffee, with a touch of spice, without the effects of caffeine, perfect after a barbecue on the terrace.
  • The Victoria: this method fully reveals the floral and sweet side of this coffee. Paired with a lime or neutral soda will give you a pleasant, easy-drinking cup.
  • The Tassés: this enhanced and surprising coffee will be at its best with this method. You will discover a juicy, sweet and vanilla coffee that will lengthen wonderfully with a touch of milk


We have presented you with our favorite recipes for enjoying cold coffee this summer (or this winter, there is no season for iced coffee).

Don't hesitate to play with it, experiment, try other coffees,... And give us your opinion and suggestions, you never know what great discovery you might make!

Enjoy your summer !

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