Ethiopia - Telila



Peach x Honey x Black Tea

  • Region: Jimma
  • Variety: 74112
  • Altitude: 200m
  • Process: Washed
  • Producer: Small producers
  • Washing station: Genji Challa

    We've fallen under the spell of this coffee for its smooth, refined taste. Imagine tasting a coffee that evokes the delights of peach candy, the sweet nectar of honey, the exoticism of black tea. An in-cup experience that combines sparkling acidity, enchanting floral notes and a juicy mouthfeel.

    Immerse yourself in the world of Telila, a carwash nestled in western Ethiopia. Telila has already achieved exceptional status in the specialty coffee industry, thanks to an experienced and passionate team. Every stage of the drying process has been meticulously supervised, resulting in a cup profile of remarkable clarity.

    What sets Telila apart from other players in Ethiopia's coffee industry is its impressive ethical practice: the meticulous separation of batches as soon as they arrive at the washing station, an attention to detail that elevates each cup to a higher level. Discover Telila and let yourself be swept away by a unique coffee experience.