Colombia - Inmaculada



Pineapple x Mandarin x Lemon Pie

  • Farm : Inmaculada
  • Region: Valle del Cauca
  • Variety: Sudan Rume
  • Altitude: 2000m
  • Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration (6 days)
  • Producers: Halguin Family

    For our 5th anniversary, we wanted a unique coffee that we had not yet had the chance to work with. We fell in love a few years ago with the Inmaculada farm and we were lucky enough to be able to buy an exclusive lot from this farm with a rare variety, the Sudan Rume. A lot similar to the coffee that won the World Barista Championship in 2015.

    Inmaculada Farm is a large family of five farms headquartered in the village of Pichinde, in the department of Valle del Cauca. It is close to Cali, about 40 minutes by car.

    Inmaculada Farm is owned and operated by the Holguin family, involved in the Colombian agro-industrial sector for over 90 years. In 2010, they decided to start producing coffee and made the ambitious and rewarding choice to plant only exotic varieties; Sudan Rume, Geisha, Laurina.

    At Inmaculada, the farms will soon be certified both organic and biodynamic. There are no chemical inputs used in the production of these coffees and the strategic choices for planting, pruning, harvesting... occur around the cycle of the moon, bringing more energy to the fruit during the full moon.

    The selected sudan rume is processed by carbonic maceration of the whole cherry for 6 days. The coffee is then dried for 22 days.

    There is an intensity in the taste experience with a floral and spicy quality. Sweet fruit tones such as pineapple, tangerine and lemon curd are the predominant qualities of this coffee. There are secondary notes of vanilla, iced tea and lavender. A complex flavor, smooth and creamy body.