Colombia - Robert Montanchez



Peach x Lemon-Lime Soda x Date

  • Farm: Los Guadales
  • Region: Simon Bolivar, San Augustin
  • Variety: Pink Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1750m
  • Process: Washed
  • Producer: Robert Montanchez

    We are really excited to introduce you to this new coffee from Robert Montanchez, a young producer of only 24 years old! Our friend Brendan from the Semilla company introduced us to this producer who had not yet had the chance to export and sell his coffee on the international market with retractability and especially never in the world of specialty coffee.

    Already at the age of 16 Robert had a fascination with the world of coffee and decided to leave school to concentrate on the family farm Los Guadales. In 2013, he decided to plant 2000 coffee trees of the Bourbon rose variety. His goal was to break into the specialty coffee market, knowing that bourbon rose is a new variety of coffee that offers high tasting scores in various competitions, Robert bet everything on this coffee. Robert lost his father who was the owner of the plantation, at the age of 22, he had to quickly take over the reins of the farm.

    Here we are today only at its second harvest of this coffee and 94 celcius bought the entire batch. For the first time, Robert and his family broke into the international market. In addition, 94 celcius has committed to buying all of its crops in the coming years. We are currently looking with Robert at how we can support him more to improve his quality of life and the quality of his coffee.

    “I want to continue forward in coffee, searching for a better quality of life for me and my family.I see in specialty coffee an opportunity to get ahead, and to see our work recognized. Robertt

    Robert's coffee is truly sublime, the bourbon rose is a variety that is the perfect mix between Colombian and Ethiopian coffee. We have a good sweet body, but with a delicacy and acidity reminiscent of Ethiopian washed coffees.