Guatemala - Las hermans Donis



Hot chocolate x Maple syrup x Cardamom

    • Region:Mataquescuintla
    • Variety:Pache San Ramon
    • Altitude:1900m
    • Process:Washed
    • Farm:Mantazanito
    • Producer:Carmen and Antoinetta Donis

Do you want a beautiful awakening? This café will delight you with its flavors worthy of an excellent après-ski. Your taste buds will be intoxicated by sumptuous notes of hot chocolate and fresh apple. In the mouth, your tongue will be seduced by its roundness, smoothness and comfort. In short, a coffee goes everywhere. We are surprised by the longevity of the sweet notes in the mouth which remind us of maple syrup.

This gem originates from a farm run by two coffee-producing sisters, Antoinetta and Carmen Donis. By buying this coffee, you contribute to the emancipation of these. In addition, this cafe is part of the Mataquescuintla resistance group against the Escobal mine. The money offered to the various producers in the region allows them to engage various resources (lawyers among others) to support protection conversations with the Escobal mine.

In the photo you can see Antoineta and her sister Carmen Donis.