Colombia - Elias and Shady Bayter (Experimental)



Green apple x White chocolate x Banana

    • Region: Tolima
    • Variety: Red Bourbon
    • Altitude: 1550m
    • Process: Carbonic maceration and mosto (gesha juice)
    • Farm: El Vergel
    • Producer: Elias and Shady Bayter

      Discover Our New "Mosto Processé or Genius Bourbon" Coffee: A Symphony of Innovation and Flavor

      Immerse yourself in an unparalleled coffee experience with our new "mosto processé" coffee from Elias and Shady Bayter, where cutting-edge techniques and tradition meet to create a beverage that will delight your senses with every sip. This unique coffee is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and an innovative fermentation process, guaranteeing an exceptional tasting experience.

      The Art of the Mosto Process

      El Vergel's "mosto processé" coffee undergoes an intensive 84-hour fermentation in state-of-the-art stainless steel tanks, enriched with leachates derived from Gesha fermented coffee. This carefully controlled environment imbues the beans with an extraordinary depth of flavor, accentuating their natural profile and adding a vibrant, complex character that is both unique and irresistible.

      A Flavor Development Journey

      After fermentation, the beans enter a 35-day drying process, where they bask intermittently in the sun. This slow, deliberate process allows the beans to develop a distinctive flavor profile, characterized by a harmonious balance between deep, rich notes and subtle, luminous accents. Drying is completed with precision in a mechanical drying station, guaranteeing optimum consistency and quality.

      To preserve and enhance the coffee's exceptional qualities, the beans are then rested in GrainPro bags for two months. This resting period allows the flavors to mature and blend, resulting in a coffee that is as complex as it is satisfying.

      What is Leachate or Mosto?

      Leachates, also known as mosto, are the natural by-products generated during the coffee fermentation process. These liquids are rich in a diverse microbial population, including beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Used in the fermentation of our "mosto processé" coffee, leachates reduce fermentation time while intensifying the complexity of the coffee's flavors, enhancing its intrinsic characteristics and adding layers of delicious nuances.

      How is leachate obtained?

      Leachates are produced during the dehydration of coffee cherries in the fermentation process. As the cherries ferment, they release a liquid by-product rich in micro-organisms. This liquid is carefully collected and stored in the refrigerator at 3 degrees Celsius for 24 hours, guaranteeing the vitality of its microbial content. To maintain and utilize the leachate in future fermentations, El Vergel adds water and sugar, allowing the microbial population to thrive and continue enriching the flavors.

      Experience the Future of Coffee

      Our new "mosto processé" coffee represents the pinnacle of innovation in the world of coffee. Every cup is a testament to El Vergel's dedication to quality and their passion for pushing the boundaries of flavor development. Discover the future of coffee today and enjoy the complex dance of flavors that only "mosto processé" coffee can offer.


For espresso we recommend:

18 grams of coffee in the filter holder for 35 grams of liquid coffee in 25 seconds.

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